We're Running the Hackney Half Marathon!

This Sunday, 21st May, Immediate Theatre staff members are taking part in the Wizz Air Hackney Half Marathon to raise money to support our Estate-based Youth Theatre work within the community.

Now that we no longer receive specific funding for hot meals for our weekly EbYT sessions, all donations this year will go towards food for our young people. These sessions provide a space for our young people improve their wellbeing, meet new people and build their confidence, all through engagement with the arts. We believe that in the transformative power of theatre and the importance of providing a space for participants to have a voice, particularly to those who are at risk of social exclusion. Providing food is just one way that we can ensure that our sessions remain accessible for all.

We are extremely grateful to any donations that you may be able to make. Donate HERE.

Why are you running the Hackney Half Marathon?

"Because it’s a fun, community event with great Hackney crowds cheering us on. The work Immediate Theatre does in Hackney is crucial for the well-being of so many young people in the area. The money will be used to fund nutritious meals for young people attending Immediate Theatre programmes."

- Melissa Butcher, Trustee

“Immediate Theatre is a company close to my heart. Giving voices to the silent majority. The money raised will support and provide meals for the young people we work with.”

Gavin Dent, EbYT Coordinator

“I think it’s a great opportunity for me to push myself whilst raising money for a great cause, and I’ve heard great things about the Hackney Moves festival.”

- Sorrel Allen, Marketing Officer
Gavin Dent and Sorrel Allen training on Hackney Downs.
Gavin Dent and Sorrel Allen training on Hackney Downs.

Have you run a half marathon before? Are you looking forward to it?

“Yes, Gavin, Gifty, Trevor (Gifty’s brother) and I ran it a couple of years ago. I am very much looking forward to it (although I hope it stops raining, and/or isn’t too hot!).”

- Melissa Butcher, Trustee

“I ran my first half marathon a month ago, so I’m much less nervous for this half marathon and I am planning on just enjoying myself and seeing Hackney from such a unique view!”

- Sorrel Allen, Marketing Officer

“It's my first time running for a half marathon therefore I am slightly nervous. As the run is in my community, I feel better encouraged.”

- Kyarna Morris, Youth Drama Leader

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